How To Rig Mullet For Perfect Dredge Fishing Results

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If you're planning on hiring a fishing boat for a deep sea marlin fishing trip, you'll want to be confident of a good catch and a fun day's sport too.  Natural bait dredges are a great way of drawing-in marlin and sailfish.  Here's a simple way of rigging mullet to enhance your next offshore dredge.

  1. Begin by doubling a four metre length of waxed rigging floss.  Then, tie a single, overhand knot so that you end up with a loop.  It's important that you don't pull the loop too tight at this stage; just keep it nice and loose.  
  2. Now take a weighted pin rig and fix it into the mullet's head by threading it through the bottom of the bait's chin.  Leave the wire loop protruding from the bait's nose so that you can attach a snap swivel to it when you add the individual fish to the dredge.  
  3. Next, take the floss and loop it over the front of the pin.  Pull the loop down to bring it tight against the front of the mullet's head.  
  4. Wrap the floss around behind the weight and in front of the bait's eyes in order to make the pin rig secure against the mullet's head.  
  5. Take hold of the mullet behind its gills, and start to wrap the floss around the head towards the tail.  Allow roughly two centimetres between each of your wraps.  When you've completed half a dozen or so wraps, pinch the floss against the bait's body to keep it in place.  
  6. Now take the other end of the floss and wrap it in the opposite direction as you did for the first leg.  You should finish up with the ends of both legs of floss meeting in the middle of the bait.  Make sure that the first wrap is held tight up against the weight to hold it securely in position.  
  7. Next, take both leftover legs of the floss and form them into an overhand loop knot.  Pull the loop down tightly so that the wraps underneath the bait are secured.  
  8. Finally, trim off any excess floss and the mullet dredging rig is good to go.

You can give yourself every chance of catching some spectacular deep water fish by dredging using your mullet bait rigged as described above.  To maximise fishing time, why not rig your mullet before your trip and store it in a cooler?