An Electric Quad Bike Will Be Better for Your Farm Than a Petrol or Diesel

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While quad bikes are often used for off-road adventures, they're also found on plenty of farms. Ideal for covering unpaved ground in any conditions and capable of pulling relatively heavy loads, they're perfect for traversing farmland in a hurry and bringing everything you need behind you. It used to be that you'd be choosing between either petrol or diesel to power your quad, but now more and more people are getting keyed into the benefits of going electric.

Here are just a few reasons why your farm could benefit from an electric quad instead of a diesel or petrol one.

Quieter Operation

Quads might not be as large as normal vehicles, but the fact that their engines aren't housed quite as fully means that they still make a lot of noise. This can be a big problem if you're dealing with livestock. If you need to get close to them, you're likely to find that they'll run from the noise, and you might find yourself having to detour around them on other journeys to prevent spooking them. With an electric quad bike, this isn't an issue since they run with almost no engine noise. Of course, this will also be of benefit to you; your ears won't have to stand the din, and you'll be less likely to disturb the quiet country atmosphere for anyone living close to you.

Instant Torque

Torque refers to the amount of rotational force that an engine can apply. While horsepower is useful when you need to get up to speed, torque is key when you need to tow heavy loads or cross loose or slippery terrain. Your quad will probably need torque a lot more than it needs horsepower, whether for carrying fence posts out to the edge of your property or covering a field slick with deep mud. One of the great things about electric motors is that they provide maximum torque right from the get-go, so they more suited to such functions than engines that use petrol or diesel.


It never hurts to go eco-friendly, but it can be particularly beneficial when you're dealing with farmland. For starters, you won't run the risk of having petrol or diesel leaked over your land, and it's nice to keep the country air clean instead of filling it with fumes. Additionally, you're likely to save a lot of money on fuel. Farmyard quads are generally used regularly, and the cost of adding fuel adds up fast, especially since quads aren't exactly renowned for their efficiency. Some farms even generate their own solar or wind energy, which means you'll be able to top up an electric quad for free instead of hooking up to the mains.