Five Benefits of Holding Your Next Corporate Team Building Event on a Fishing Charter

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Team building events can be essential for improving relationships amongst your employees, promoting a collaborative environment and welcoming new employees to the group. However, it can be challenging to come up with ideas. To help, here's a look at five reasons you may want to consider a fishing charter for your next team building day.

1. Time in Nature Is Great for Business

Numerous studies explore the importance of nature for personal peace and stress reduction, but when your employees spend time in nature, it helps your business as well.

Nature has been linked to improved memory, restored mental energy and reduced stress. If you want your team to feel refresh and focused back in the office, a corporate team building day at sea may be just what you need.

2. Learning New Skills Is Great for the Brain

If your team hasn't been fishing before, they all get the opportunity to learn a new skill. Regardless of age, learning a new skill sharpens the mind. Indirectly, a bit of fishing may be just what your employees need to come up with better ideas at the next meeting.

3. Fishing Can Be Turned Into a Fun Competition

Many corporate team building events are focused around some competitive element. If that's the setup you like for your team building days, fishing can work.

You can break the group into several teams and see which team catches the most fish, or you can do other competitions such as longest cast or biggest catch.

4. Fishing on a Charter Can Be Combined With Other Activities

Remember, if you decide to set up charter fishing for your crew, you don't have to spend the whole day fishing. Many charter companies are happy to plan a day full of diverse activities for you.

For example, imagine you start the day with fishing and use that activity as a fun ice breaker. Then, you segway into lunch. Whether you dine on the charter boat or go to another destination, you or a trainer can do a presentation while the staff dines and learns. Finally, you can close out the day with a meeting to recap everything that happened or by letting your staff relax and watch the sunset as the charter takes you all back to shore.

5. You Can Scale the Event to Your Needs

Finally, there's a lot of flexibility. If you only have a few employees, you can charter a small yacht, but if you have hundreds of employees, you may need a bigger vessel. Luckily, the huge variety of fishing charters make it easy to scale the event to your needs.